Do ordinary miracles happen in this world? Miracle is always something extraordinary, therefore if it is ordinary – it is not a miracle. Is love miracle or not? Men and women fall in love, and this is ordinary, but when the power of their feelings reaches high intercity, real miracles happen – extraordinary and amazing.
Perhaps the most awaited holiday for two people in love is St. Valentine’s Day. It is associated with romance,  fervent feelings, flowers, candles, heart shaped chocolate candies and hot Valentine’s notes.

Sad Legends…
In 496, when the Roman Pope announced February 14th as St. Valentine’s Day, the holiday got its own heavenly patron.
According to one of the legends, Valentine was a prisoner, who was serving a sentence for healing sick people with supernatural power. He was in love with daughter of the prison governor, and was executed for this relationship on February 14th. Right before his death Valentine wrote notes with love messages to his beloved lady and other close people. This came as a ground for our tradition to write each other valentine’s notes.
According to another beautiful, but sad legend Valentine was a roman priest, who officiated soldiers with their beloved ones against local prohibitions. And while serving sentence for that in a prison, he fell in love with a beautiful daughter of the prison gaoler. In the night of February 14th Valentine wrote her a note about his feelings, and in the morning he was put to death.

No prohibitions…
Today almost no one dies because of love. And St. Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to get a new sparkle of your relationships. On this day you can greet your beloved person traditionally, but it is always better to surprise!
It’d be amazing if you start surprising your partner early in the morning. It could be beautifully decorated breakfast in bed with lovely heart shaped attributes, or it could be a decorated room in romantic theme, which would become the first place your beloved one will go when wakes up. Do your best to spend this day in a very special way and most importantly – together. Go together to bowling, movie theater, take a baking class, get couples massage, make a snowman, schedule a romantic photo session, make a colorful and bright collage, or finally learn to dance tango together. Do not forget to shower each other with compliments and give little cute gifts all day long. A romantic dinner may become an excellent ending to St. Valentine’s Day celebration. Also, write together a message to future. Write down your dreams and plans… they will surely come true!

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