Hot wedding season in all meanings came to the end. Fearing the cold weather, engaged couples mostly plan their weddings in summer. But the real fairytale can be done in winter wonderland… Winter – magic time of sparkling snow, crystal clear ice, romantic candles, captivating smell of clementines, warm hugs and kisses. Yes, this is all about wedding! We say “yes” to the magic winter wedding!

Believe in Miracle!
Winter is time when everyone is waiting for a miracle. Probably Christmas Eve and New Years Eve have their effect… At times, when sitting at a fireplace, it seems like the next moment Santa will appear, riding his festive sleigh with Rudolph reindeer, or a bright sun will appear on the winter cloudy sky to shine and bring joy.
Frost, everything seems frozen in waiting… and you are waiting, waiting for a miracle!
Мороз, все словно застыло в ожидании… и ждет. И ты ждешь, ждешь чуда! And just imagine that this miracle can be your best day ever – your wedding day! And the most amazing, the main characters of this winter fairytale will be you and your beloved one.

In the Winter Wonderland.
Only winter wedding gives an amazing opportunity to your wedding designer. Fir and pine branches, pine cones, tree ornaments, candles, citrus fruits will easily overcome summer decorations made of flowers. In winter cold weather, when everyone desires some coziness and warmth, your wedding will become a perfect reason to get all your dear friends and beloved family together. And winter decor will create cozy and warm atmosphere and make your special day magic, dreamy, and unforgettable indeed.

Magic Charm
Winter creates such decorations that even the best artist in the world cannot re-create them even close. White snow is like a new sheet of paper, where you can draw everything you have been dreaming about for your new family. Only for your winter wedding photoshoot you can have a great variety of frozen trees, red rawan berries, ice patterns, and snow-covered coniferous paws. And the most important – you get an incredible opportunity to show the warmth of your relationship in contrast to the frozen winter landscape!

Embraced by Winter Love.
Since 1986 in the United Stated of America celebrate National Hugging Day on January 21st each year. It is not by accident that it is celebrated in winter, as in this cold season people need warm hugs most of all. And it is very appropriate for the winter wedding. Scientists say that for a couple needs to hug each other at least 8 times a day to strengthen their relationship and their own health. Imagine how strong and healthy your new family relationship can be from the very first day!.. And no cold weather can stop it!

If all these romantic things are still not a good reason…
If you are a pragmatists and like to thing everything through, then winter wedding is just right for you. Winter wedding is a good idea financially wise, as winter is time of sales and promotions for wedding services, goods, and offers. You have a great opportunity to save money on almost everything, from the gowns to the honey moon trip!

May winter frost make your wedding a real fairytale in a winter wonderland and your new family union really strong and filled with love!

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