Fall wedding is a great opportunity to be creative. Natural variety of colors, abundance of fruits and vegetables and diversity of style solutions gives the fall wedding special uniqueness. Inspiration for the fall wedding decor can be easily found in surrounding greatness of Mother Nature.

Country style at the Fall Wedding.
The fall season is quiet, discreet, but very graceful and filled with natural appeasement. And specifically in this season it is very appropriate to do country style weddings. This style suggests simplicity in everything and use of natural decorative materials. These can be such as burlap sacks filled with grains, wreaths and garlands made of fall leaves and flowers, different wickerwork – from basket to fences, textile or ethnically embroidered chair covers. Wedding in fall season should correspond with surrounding environment – to be harmonized and organic.

Table Decoration
When planning your wedding attire, main hall decoration, wedding photo-session, etc., it is important to remember the most of your party time will be spent at the table. Therefore decor of the tables requires extra attention and planning.
The fall season is especially festive because of its bright natural colors. They all (red, yellow, orange, green, brown, gold, etc.) will help to decorate your special day.
Fall is filled with warmth and coziness, so when picking a table cloth, give your preference to dense fabrics like cotton, linen, and sackcloth. They will appear the best on the massive wooden tables.
For the table decor you can use all kinds and varieties of natural materials, such as dried leaves, wildflowers, twigs of rowanberry and lingonberry, hay, spikelets of wheat, sunflowers, moss, acorns, nuts, etc.

Fall wedding is an awesome opportunity to switch away from the so out-used roses in decor. As winning alternative could become freesia (symbol of innocence), asters (symbol of love), gerbera, or chrysanthemum in unusual combination with the gifts of nature – apples, viburnum berries, briar, and pine cones. But if you cannot imagine your wedding without roses, then make them yourself, out of the fallen leaves for instance. Gerbera and ears of wheat can add zest to candle holders and glass vases. Another beautiful combination is pine cones and bunches of bright red rowanberry.
Very important element of the wedding table is fall themed glasses of the newlyweds. Use satin ribbon and lace in matching colors and shades, fall leaves, wildflowers, twine rope, and other natural materials.

Delicious Decor
In beautiful fall the gifts of nature inspire to create unique decoration. For instance, pumpkin can become a bright accent of your table design. You can use it as is – any size from very tiny to very large ones – or engrave initials of the newlyweds, sitting numbers for your guests, or date of the special day. If you remove the pumpkin core from the inside, you can use pumpkin as a vase for beautiful fall bouquet or as a unique candle holder.
Apple theme is also very appropriate for the fall wedding decor. You can decorate almost everything with this fruit: festive tables and chairs, baskets or vases in the main hall, and even the main bride’s bouquet.
A special highlight of the fall wedding decoration in this season can be juicy corn cobs or natural wreath made of wheat ears and grape vines.

Abundant Menu
Fall is time of harvest, which means that wedding menu of this season is a gourmet’s paradise. As we have lots of rain and cold weather in fall, you should offer your guests more of hot and warm dishes, while it is better to pass on lots of cold appetizers and ice-cream. And you can definitely enrich your wedding menu with variety of vegetable and fruit dishes.
And one of the big things of any wedding – the wedding cake! It is always a good idea to decorate it in the theme of the whole wedding. You can use fondant fall leaves, all kinds of fruits, nuts, and berries.
Pay close attention to a buffet table, you can discover specific taste combinations of the fresh fruit and vegetables only at a fall wedding. And yes… apples again! They may become a beautiful element of decor – for example, baked with a cinnamon stick and a flower of carnation. Oh, how delicious, and what a savour… can you smell it?

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