They say summer is the most fun season and the best time for all kinds of activities. But we can argue on this. Yes, it is the warmest time of the year, but the heat in summer can actually be harmful if one spends the whole day outside. You have to remember always put on your sunscreen, hat, and try to hide in the shade as much as you can. But in fall you can wear a long sleeve shirt or a windbreaker and spend all day in the fresh air. “But what do I do outside in the fall? There is no pool, no waterslides…” – you say. The Lemon Decor crew came up with 77 ideas of what to do during this beautiful season, when the nature is simply stunning with all its colors and harvest smells! Every person and family will find something perfectly fitting their personality and interests. It should be interesting and fun!

1. Of course, celebrate! Celebrate any possible occasion… birthday, anniversary, new friendship, first time accomplishment, etc. The Lemon Decor will always provide you with the most beautiful decor for any occasion.
2. Go hiking.
3. Pick fresh apples right from the trees at a local farm.
4. Bake an apple pie with the fresh picked apples. Here is an easy recipe for you
5. Make a bonfire and bake left over apples on it, and make some s’mores.
6. Make a bouquet with the colorful fallen leaves.
7. Go pumpkin picking to a local farm.
8. Sew a hand made doll or a straw man.
9. Play soccer with neighbors’ kids or your own family.
10. Bake healthy muffins from whole grain, nuts and fruits
11. Make t-shirts with autumn leaf print for all family members.
12. Make a door wreath with the colorful fallen leaves for upcoming holidays.
13. Watch a football or soccer game on a stadium.
14. Volunteer in your community.
15. Go to a place where cars do not drive, and run in the fallen leaves. Pictures and slo-mo videos will come out incredibly beautiful!
16. Cut out fun shapes (like animals or little men) from autumn veggies.
17. Make and paint a leaf garland from the coffee filters.
18. Do a fall photo session with the whole family or close friends.
19. Create something with a play dough in autumn colors.
20. Make a garland with fallen colorful leaves.
21. Laminate colorful leaves and glue them to a canvas to create a wall art.
22. Take an evening walk through a local park.
23. Make a bird feeder.
24. Sew orange patches in pumpkin shape to your favorite jeans.
25. Make a colorful leaf-fall outside.
26. Make fresh juice from apples.
27. Bake a pumpkin pie.
28. Make a fake tree on your front yard from the fallen leaves.
29. Find things that happen only in autumn and draw them or photograph them and make a collage to post on social media.
30. Make a thanksgiving tree from the written notes what you are thankful for this year.
31. Walk slowly through downtown sipping your favorite autumn drink, such a hot sider or pumpkin spice latte.
32. Bake cookies in shape of leaves and/or pumpkins.
33. Make or buy stickers for your kitchen window to create a festive atmosphere.
34. Paint your palms with a thick wet paint, stamp them on paper and with a few additional touches create some animals.
35. Bake or air dry pumpkin seeds.
36. Build a labyrinth from the stones in your front yard or local park.
37. Paint a pumpkin or two.
38. Make a “pumpkin snowman”.
39. Make a decorative basket with autumn vegetables.
40. Make animals from paper plates, tooth picks, and cotton balls. Then paint them.
41. Take a walk in a botanical garden. Many plants are blooming or changing colors in fall.
42. Make crepes with shredded pumpkin and cheese cream.
43. Make home made pizza with left over apple pieces and turkey (instead of the usual chicken and pineapple).
44. Give away home made cookies to your neighbors.
45. Take a walk in a local park.
46. Go play bowling.
47. Go play tennis.
48. Make a family/friends movie night outside with big projector, pillows, blankets, and hot apple cider or cocoa.
49. Spend some time decorating every room of your home with leaf garlands, painted pumpkins, window stickers, and other fall themed decor.
50. Look up a tutorial and make a pumpkin spice or apple & cinnamon candle.
51. Bake a bread. You may want to add some nuts or seasonal berries to make it more festive.
52. Wallow outside in the fallen leaves.
53. Make thanksgiving bracelets for all your friends.
54. Make an acorn neckless from picked up acorns in your local park.
55. Make home made fresh apple cider.
56. Make home made fresh lemonade.
57. Make an autumn diadem from fallen leaves and berries.
58. Make apple carvings.
59. Collect and air dry healthy herbs.
60. Go berry picking from a local farm and make a few jars of jam for winter time.
61. Paint your fence. Possibly use autumn colors.
62. Make family photo collage. It can be used as a Thanksgiving gift for your parents or grandparents, or as a decor in your living room.
63. Collect and paint acorns for decorative purposes.
64. Make a cheesecake with pumpkin or apple-cinnamon flavor.
65. Make costumes for fall parties.
66. Watch sunset and/or sunrise.
67. Wake up at night at go outside to look for a falling star.
68. Make a centerpiece for your dining table from the natural materials – acorns, colorful leaves, berries, branches, pine cones, etc.
69. Clean your front yard and/or back yard, and shed.
70. Make autumn candle holders from acorns and hot glue.
71. Wax autumn leaves to make another decorative piece for your home.
72. Get lost in a corn maze.
73. Write a story that happened in fall. You can make it up or write your own.
74. Buy or make a phone or laptop case in autumn theme.
75. Play volleyball outside.
76. Write a list of 100 things you are thankful for in life. Go into details!
77. Shop for Christmas gifts for your friends and family… in advance, before everyone else gets to the stores.

You can always continue this list! But if you cross out one thing a day – you will be busy all season long!

Always yours,
The Lemon Decor

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