Decoration for Saint Valentine’s Day

This holiday decoration is usually ordered by many malls, stores, salons, boutiques, offices, and restaurants to create the holiday atmosphere for their clients. This also makes those businesses to stand out among all other competitors during the sales decrease after Christmas and New Years. Valentine’s Day comes up right on time, and our décor company is happy to present a great variety of ideas and solutions in the theme. We offer all kinds of decorations, starting with the classic hearts, angels, doves, and teddy bears, and going all the way to the personal story compositions.

The particular style and design depends on a client and their general concept. If you order a classic style of Valentine’s Day (hearts, arrows, cupids, etc), it can be done in 1-2 days. But if you need an exclusive décor composition, our specialists will start working on it a few days in advance.

We decorate:

● Outside show-windows of the stores, boutiques, and salons;

● Inside commercial areas;

● Halls, restaurants, cafes, hotels.

We use a huge variety of:

● Balloons;

● Real and artificial flowers;

● Fabric, paper, colorful vinyl;

● Other accessories

Restaurant & Café Decoration for Valentine’s Day

February 14 th is the day when the lovers give each other gifts, tell about their feelings, and get engaged. They usually choose the most romantic places for such occasions, so the Valentine’s Day decorations play a huge role for the restaurants and cafes. Very popular pieces of decoration are the compositions made of real and artificial flowers, beautiful fabric, paper, beads, bows, and other accessories. The restaurant or café halls look the most festive when decorated with heart shaped balloons, real flowers, and romantic paintings or inscriptions. This style isn’t pricey, but looks very attractive.

Air Balloons for Valentine’s Day

From our experience we can state that decoration with the balloons is the most popular for this day. Cafes and stores do their best to transform their look for the visitors and literally blow LOVE to the huge sizes.

Here are a few examples of Valentine’s Day balloon decoration:

  • Balloons under the ceiling with the paper heart shaped cards. It is the best way to decorate any room with low ceiling. The balloon ribbons can be of different lengths.
  • Bouquets made of balloons as table centerpieces. A bunch of balloons with a plummet is a stunning decoration. Per request, our decorators can make a more complicated composition with balloons inside each other.
  • Heart shaped helium balloons at different heights. They can be tied to the rails, chairs, other pieces of interior or make a corridor for the couples entrance using the plummets.
  • The Love colors from floor to ceiling. If it is a show-window, it can be entirely filled up with the balloons – the floors, the walls, and the ceiling.
  • Romantic hearts that can be of a different size, up to 6ft tall would serve as a beautiful decoration at the entrance of any business.
  • Arches made of the balloon chains and flowers. This could be not only a pretty entrance décor, but also serve as an idea for some romantic traditions, like making a wish or kissing under the arch.

 Floral Compositions

The small elegant bouquets on the tables in a café is a beautiful tradition. They can look either the same or similar, and will definitely bring a smile to everyone’s face. When ordering balloons and flowers from the same decorating company, they will look like an addition to each other. Per request, these compositions may also include different styles of candles, figurines such as angels, and rose petals.

Photo-Booth For The Romantic Couples.

The malls and cafes often attract their clients by the unique and extraordinary photo session arrangements and huge pieces of décor serving as a background, which would look cool on social media news thread. Huge hearts made of different materials (plastic, foam, etc.). These pieces of décor can be rented, but custom making wouldn’t cost a lot either. And definitely one enormous red heart will stop any couple who are eager to get as many likes as possible.

 A floral wall made of the real flowers for Valentine’s Day.

This beauty isn’t the cheapest, but with the modern techniques this wall can stay “alive” for several days and will guarantee a successful advertisement of your business.

 A floral wall made of fabric and paper.

To be realistic, there won’t be much difference on a photo. Modern artificial flowers look like real, and this piece of background can serve you for many years.

 Oversized Teddy Bears

No one knows why exactly this furry animal became a traditional addition to the gorgeous bouquets given on February 14 th , but it does look cute. You can order a teddy bear of almost any size, and a photo with such a cutie will be a dream-came- true for every lady.

Funny and Cute Tantamaresks.

Floor banners with cut-outs for faces would become a fun entertainment for your clients, especially if the theme is not only romantic, but with a tiny bit of humor.

Lips & Mustaches On a Stick

Another guaranteed attraction of clients these days is a photo inventory for selfies. Set up a little station with a backdrop and a set of items on a stick and chalk boards, and you will get people standing in line right away.

3D letters of the word “love”

The letters or number “14” can be from 1 ft to 6 ft tall. The smaller one can be held in hands for the pictures, and the big ones placed on floor in such way so that your café’s name would get in picture – another way to advertise your business.

A Wish Tree With Hearts

This would be another cute subject of your holiday design. It can be used for both – pictures and writing down a wish on a heart shaped paper card.

Romantic Details

We often pay attention to the little accessories that create a pleasant atmosphere, such as:

● Photo frames with scenes from famous movies about love (can be only kisses)

● Heart shaped decorative pillows on the couches in a café or waiting room

● Dishes in menu that are decorated in a special way or have aphrodisiac listed in their ingredients.

● Specially designed details in a table setting

● Valentine Day themed Party favors to all clients (heart shaped cookies, candies, cards, etc.)

The Lemon Decor Team