Outdoor Rustic Party

While preparing for your outdoor party there are plenty of factors to consider. Making an outside party is never an easy task. Our nature is always happy to do something unpredictable, and mess up our plans.

Factors to Keep in Mind

The sudden wind is the first and most common factor that can make your decor ideas miserable. You will face a big challenge in choosing between beautiful lightweight decor items and not so good looking heavier things that don’t look as originally intended. But they can still add character to your party and can withstand the winds. You would just have to look for these a little longer and harder.

Second, you probably don’t want to use your expensive china set and then spend the whole party making sure that nothing breaks. Or you can use the paper plates and put rocks on top or just see how beautifully they can fly around your backyard or elsewhere.

The Bad News

You will have to spend some time at the store looking for beautiful yet wind withstand-able decor to make your event look sharp.

The Good News and Decor Hacks

PLATES. There are multiple options for plates. Wooden plates will give you the best of both worlds, it’s heavy enough not to fly around and it creates a feel of something unique. If you want your party to look fancy, like one with nice dinnerware, there is a great alternative of fancy plastic plates. Those come in all shapes and sizes, and different colors and patterns. Or if you want to really go out and impress your guests you have the option of buying gorgeous break resistant dinnerware.

OUTDOOR TABLE LIGHTS can get very expensive but they come in any weight and any shape. Yet candles are heavy enough and they bring that special  Romanticism into your party, you can almost forget about them being lid up.

NAPKINS MADE OUT FABRICS are also handy in the outdoor environment. Once again they bring an impression of luxury and you don’t have to worry about your paper napkins flying around.

TABLE RUNNERS. In many cases, a tablecloth might be necessary to cover that stain on the table that has been in the backyard for years. However, full tablecloths tend to work as sails on the ship, often taking everything with them. The solution is table runners as they aren’t as big and fancy but they add that little extra coziness, and they will not fly like tablecloths.

But if you don’t want to deal with all the hassle and think about every little detail there is a simple answer.

Just let the professionals at The Lemon Decor do everything for you.

The Lemon Decor Team

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